A GeneSet object that contains the down-regulated genes of the TGFb-induced EMT gene signature that was derived by (Foroutan et al,2017), using two meta-analysis techniques. The gene signature contains an up-regulated gene set (up-set) and a down-regulated gene set (down-set). Please refer to the vignettes for the steps to acquire the exact data object.



A GeneSet object


Foroutan et al,2017


Foroutan, Momeneh, Joseph Cursons, Soroor Hediyeh-Zadeh, Erik W Thompson, and Melissa J Davis. 2017. “A Transcriptional Program for Detecting Tgfbeta-Induced Emt in Cancer.” Molecular Cancer Research. American Association for Cancer Research. doi:10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-16-0313.

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